Exams for access to our course offeringsEntrance Exam for the Studienkolleg and KSK

Basic information

Please note:

  • Before attending the German language courses at the Kolleg für deutsche Sprache und Kultur, students take a written placement test.
  • Admission to the subject-specific core courses ("Schwerpunktkurse") at the Studienkolleg is regulated by means of a written entrance examination.
  • The placement test and the entrance examination are identical. Both exams are mandatory.

What is the exam format?

Part I: Grammar and Vocabulary (45 min)

The grammar tasks are typically arranged in levels of ascending difficulty: basic level (A1, A2) → intermediate level (B1, B2) → advanced level (C1). You may be asked to fill in missing verb forms, word or sentence elements, to do C tests, exercises dealing with syntax or the reconstruction or transformation of texts.

Part II: Writing (45 min)

You will be asked to express yourself coherently and independently about a given topic by way of description, comparison, or comment. The task may be based on a graph/diagram, caricature, or photograph.

How is the exam assessed?

  • Parts I and II of the exam count equally (50%/50%).
  • The placement test for the German language courses at the KSK will be assessed according to a specific grading points system. You will be assigned to the course level (A1 to C1) matching your test performance.
  • The number of students in the different subject-specific core courses ("Schwerpunktkurse") at the Studienkolleg is generally restricted to 20 each. Admission to these courses requires German language skills at a level of B2/C1.

When and where will the results be published?

The exam results will be published online on Thursday, 10 October 2024, at 03:00 pm.