Courses for studentsSemester Courses for Exchange and Master's Degree Students

Who can join the courses?

Our Semester Courses are offered to international

  • exchange students on the ERASMUS and 4EU+ programmes at Heidelberg University
  • exchange students on bilateral programmes at Heidelberg University
  • master's degree students at Heidelberg University.

If you are a doctoral student or an alumnus, please register for the course programme specifically designed for you:

Which courses are offered?

General German Semester Courses

Our general German courses provide comprehensive language training (grammar, vocabulary, phonetics, conversation, reading comprehension, listening comprehension, writing) in conjunction with useful information on German culture and practical advice for studying at Heidelberg University.

We typically offer courses for all CEFR levels (A1.1 up to C2 / post-DSH).

If you attend the C1 course or our special DSH intensive course, you can take the Deutsche Sprachprüfung für den Hochschulzugang (DSH) at the end of the semester.

For most levels, you will be able to choose between two course types:

  • Standard courses with 4 classes per week:
    4x 45min / week ≈ appr. 50 classes per semester
  • Intensive courses with 8 classes per week:
    8x 45min / week ≈ appr. 100 classes per semester

Subject-specific German Semester Courses

Our subject-specific German courses are targeted at helping you expand both your language and subject proficiency in a given field of study. Admission is dependent on a course-specific minimum entrance level. The individual courses are offered in the form of either 2 or 4 classes per week (2x 45min/week or 4x 45min/week).

Courses typically offered:

  • Visual Arts and Language
  • The Political System of Germany
  • German for Law Students
  • German in Films
  • Introduction to Philosophy
  • German for Medicine/Biology
  • German for Economics/Business
  • Creative Writing
  • Literature Course
  • German History

For detailed information on each course (course description, times and room, ECTS), please check our course brochure.

When and where do the courses take place?

The courses usually start in the second week of the general lecture period at Heidelberg University and comprise about 14 weeks (in the winter semester from mid-October to early February, and in the summer semester from mid-April to late July).

Class times

General German courses, standard courses
Monday and Wednesday, 4:30 pm to 6:00 pm / 6:15 pm to 7:45 pm

General German courses, intensive courses
Monday and Wednesday, 4:30 pm to 7:45 pm (break from 6:00 pm to 6:15 pm)

Subject-specific German Courses
Days and times vary across courses.
Please check our course brochure.

Class Locations

Classes take place, depending on the course, either at the Max-Weber-Haus or at the Studienkolleg. You will receive information about the building and room of your course via email shortly before the start of classes. Additionally, there will be notices posted in both buildings from the first day of classes.

Dates for the winter semester 2023-24


Mandatory online placement test for the U.S. West Coast
05 Oct 2023
5:00 pm Central European Summer Time
Mandatory online placement test for other regions
05 Oct 2023
9:00 am Central European Summer Time
Start of classes
23 Oct 2023
04:30 pm
End of classes
09 Feb 2024
Access to the Online Placement Test

Dates for the summer semester 2024


Mandatory online placement test
04 Apr 2024
10:00 am
Start of classes
 22 Apr 2024
4:30 pm
End of classes
26 Jul 2024
Access to the Online Placement Test

How much are the course fees?

  • General German course, standard course with 4 classes per week:
    175,00€* per semester
  • General German course, intensive course with 8 classes per week:
    €350.00€* per semester
  • Subject-specific course course with 2 classes per week:
    100.00€* per semester
  • Subject-specific course with 4 classes per week:
    175.00€* per semester

* Discounts:

  • ERASMUS students: You get a discount on all courses according to the International Relations Division of Heidelberg University.
  • Students on bilateral exchange programmes: You pay no course fee for General German Courses for levels A1.1 up to including B2.2 as well as for any of the subject-specific German courses.

How to register?

Registering for the general German courses involves 2 steps. To register for a subject-specific language courses, a third step is required.

Step #1: Registration

Please register here:

  • International exchange students on the ERASMUS or 4EU+ programmes:

    Erasmus coordination

  • International exchange students on bilateral exchange programmes:

    Programme coordination

  • international master's degree students (from April 1st for the summer semester / from October 1st for the winter semester):

    ISZ course coordination

Step #2: Placement test

You need to take our mandatory placement test. Time and location see above.

Access to the online placement test

This test allows us to determine your exact language proficiency level, so we can assign you to the best matching general German course and/or assess if you are eligible to attend your intended subject-specific German course.

This test is dispensable only if you

  • are an absolute beginner with no prior knowledge of German. - Please inform us during registration (Step #1).
  • just completed our previous (March/September) Pre-Semester Preparatory Course
  • have completed an Advanced Level Course (C1) with us at the International Study Centre
  • have obtained a generally recognized C1 certificate (DSH-1 or above / telc C1 Hochschule / TestDaF scoring at least 2x TDN 4 + 2x TDN 3). - Please attach a copy of your certificate during registration (Step 1).

Step #3: Registration for subject-specific German courses

If you achieve the required minimum level in the placement test, you can register for suitable specialized language courses via email:

Registration for subject-specific German courses

Any questions?