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Tuesday, 08 October 2024, 06:00 pm

Test Format - Please read before taking the test.

There will be five fill-in-the-blank texts (“C-tests”) on different levels of difficulty. In each of these texts, you will need to fill in [ 20 blank spaces ]. 

Starting with the second sentence, every other word is missing its latter half. That is a word of two letters will be missing its last letter, a word of four letters will be missing its last two letters, etc.


  • Kommst  d [ u ]  morgen?
  • Das  Ki [ nd ]  lacht.

Words with odd numbers of letters (3, 5, 7, …) will be missing an additional letter. That is a word of three letters will be missing its last two letters, a word of five letters will be missing its last three letters, etc.


  • Können  w [ ir ]  gehen?
  • Gibt's  he ute ]  Pizza?

With compound words such as “Sommerzeit” (“Sommer” + “Zeit”) the blanks will look like „Sommerze     ]“, not „Somme [            ]“.

When filling in the blanks, you will need only lower-case letters. Please make sure that you DO NOT USE CAPITAL LETTERS as they will count as mistakes.

There will be no gaps to be left blank.

Please also:

  • When signing in to the test, please type in your first name and your family name in the “Full Name” field. 
  • The required “Access Code” will be shown on the red access button down below.
  • The time limit for the test is 35 minutes. A countdown timer will be shown top right. 
  • Please complete the test on your own.
  • Do not use any dictionary, Google or similar resources, as this will distort your test result.
  • If you are an absolute beginner with no knowledge of German at all, you can leave all the gaps blank and just click “next” for each of the texts.
  • You are going to receive your course assignment at a later point of time via e-mail. Please also check your spam / junk folder.
  • Hence, you can take the test only once.
  • The test only permits a first, approximate assessment of your language proficiency level. You may well be assigned to a different class level once your skills have been assessed more precisely in class.

Good luck! 


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