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What are the Foundation Semester Courses?

Our Foundation Semester Courses ("Propädeutisches Vorsemester") are specialized one-semester preparatory courses for international prospective students planning to study at German universities. In these courses, we teach you both subject knowledge and subject-specific language skills that will prepare you for your intended degree programme.

At the International Study Centre (ISZ) of Heidelberg University, you can do a Foundation Semester Course as a preparation for either of the following fields of study:

  • GeistWiss-Kolleg: German language and literature, humanities, and arts
  • BioMed-Kolleg: medical and biology-related degree programmes

Please note: 

  • This is not a general language course to help you learn German; advanced knowledge of German is a prerequisite. If you need to learn German first, you should apply for our German courses at the Kolleg für deutsche Sprache und Kultur instead.
  • You can join the BioMed-Kolleg in summer semesters only. Before the start of the winter semester, we offer a four-week BioMed-Kolleg kompakt in September for new students who have just received admission from Heidelberg University for a medical or biological degree programme.

Why participate?

Starting at university is always a challenge, especially if you are going to study abroad. German universities are sure to differ in many ways from your home country: You will experience differences in, for example, their organization and methodology as well as the scientific language and academic techniques to be employed here. The way degree programmes are structured will leave you no time for a long settling-in period. This is why a good preparation is so important for you to succeed at university.

Our Foundation Semester Course introduces you to academic techniques and prepares you for the general and language-related requirements of your intended degree programme. Having successfully completed the course, you will receive a written evaluation of your achievements, which may improve your chances when applying for a place on one of the above fields of study.