Courses at the International Study CentreCourses

At Heidelberg University's International Study Centre ("Internationales Studienzentrum" / "ISZ") you can attend German language and specialist courses before, during, and after your studies.

The ISZ offers specifically tailored courses for:

  • prospective students with non-German educational qualifications planning to do a complete degree programme in Germany
  • international students admitted to Heidelberg University either by way of an exchange programme (Erasmus or a bilateral programme) or as master's degree students
  • international professors/postdocs, doctoral students, staff, and Lehrbeauftragte at Heidelberg University, including their partners
  • alumni (HAI members) of Heidelberg University, including their partners

Other German courses in Heidelberg

If you want to learn German in Heidelberg, but you do not belong to one of these groups, we advise you to contact a private language school.