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Four-Week Foundation Course for Prospective Students in Medical or Biological Degree Programmes


  1. Who is eligible to attend the Four-Week Foundation Course?
  2. How do I profit from the Four-Week Foundation Course?
  3. When and where do classes take place?
  4. How much is the course?
  5. How to register?

1. Who is eligible to attend the Four-Week Foundation Course?

  • Newly admitted Heidelberg University students with foreign school-leaving certificates and admission to the medicine, dental medicine, pharmacy, biochemistry, biosciences, or molecular biotechnology degree programmes

2. How do I profit from the Four-Week Foundation Course?

The Four-Week Foundation Course is offered by the International Study Centre of Heidelberg University exclusively to newly admitted students with foreign school-leaving certificates.

This intensive course comprising 80 45-minute classes offers you comprehensive preparation for your studies at Heidelberg University, specifically tailored for the requirements imposed by your discipline and its language - and all of that right before you start. To make your first steps as successful as possible, with us you will

  • refresh and expand your subject and language knowledge in the fields of biology, chemistry, and physics, including the underlying mathematics
  • train crucial methodological skills, e.g. how to efficiently prepare a presentation and deliver it in a readily comprehensible manner using modern technologies
  • prepare for the requirements of the physics, chemistry, and biochemistry beginner's labs by means of selected experiments and topics.
What's more, by attending the Four-Week Foundation Course you get to know Heidelberg University even before your degree programme has started.

3. When and where do classes take place?

Four weeks in September before the start of the winter semester
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Class times:
Monday to Friday, from 8:00am to 1:00pm, sometimes also in the afternoon

Location (→map):
Studienkolleg der Universität Heidelberg
Im Neuenheimer Feld 684
69120 Heidelberg.

4. How much does the course cost?

The course fee is €300.00 and has to be paid completely at the start of the course.

5. How to register?

  1. Please send us by post the signed registration form (PDF file; German language only) and a copy of your application for admission for foreign applicants („Antrag auf Zulassung zum Studium für ausländische Studienbewerber/innen“) to our address:
Internationales Studienzentrum der Universität Heidelberg
- Studienkolleg -
„Vierwöchiges Propädeutikum“
Im Neuenheimer Feld 684
69120 Heidelberg
  1. Send us by post or e-mail a copy of your letter of admission („Zulassungsbescheid“) as soon as you receive it from Heidelberg University. We will then swiftly check your registration and provide you with detailed payment information.

Please note: Your registration is binding and should arrive with us by August 31 at the latest.

For questions on the Four-Week Foundation Course, feel free to contact us at the Studienkolleg of Heidelberg University:

Tel.: +49 6221 54-5940
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